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I Close My Eyes In Order To See Better


Like Bike


Three Plants Growing

Three Plants Growing is a song about Gratitude; the realization that at the absolute core of all humans is a desire to grow, that we are the One.

Three Plants Growing symbolizes the growth of our Mind, Body and Soul, and our desire to Unite with our Higher Power.

Moogoo Guy Shoe Jam

Moogoo Guy Shoe Jam Makes Your Ear Hairs Vibrate, Long Time.

Click-> Moogoo Guy Shoe Jam Music

Moogoo Guy Shoe Jam Music


Acoustic Guitar Flow…

listen-> ZOOM0002

Electrify, Bang…

listen-> Running low on supplies, we conjure up the strength to wake up the neighbourhood..lol

listen-> …sharing something like a kinda Blues Jam..PB Guitar; AB Drums


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Baah BaBa Ba Baaaaaah

Baah BaBa Ba Baaaaaah – Cool Acoustic Guitar Gibberish Music Jam Song with Patio Lanterns.  Enjoy..

Guitar/Vocals – Anthony Borges
Guitar – Paulo Borges