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We Do Live In A Constructed Reality [Matrix]

“…one thing though, the Moon is not between us and the Sun; although that’s a topic for another time.”

“…it seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.” Auguste Piccard

“…it seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.”

Popular Science Monthly Magazine
August 1931, Page 23




Pi – The Great Work

Pi – The Great Work by Marty Leeds

10 Secrets Mentally Strong People Won’t Tell You

MARS | The Wandering Star


VIDEO: MARS | The Wandering Star

whatsupinthesky.org | Frequency of the Heavens: Cymatics, Bio & Sonoluminescence, Actual Stars and Planets



You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Extreme Almost-Naked Winter Survival Overnight With No Gear

What’s Up In The Sky?



Muhammad Ali on Life and Eternity

Azimuthal Equidistant Flat Earth Peanut Butter Jam

How to Use Drugs

Animals Use Fire, Although Humans Are Only Creature To Create It

Neil “Ray” Sperling’s ��Thrivalism➝

http://hub.me/ak38k  Neil Raymond Sperling Thrivalism

Neil Raymond Sperling Thrivalism

Neil “Ray” Sperling Talks About ��Thrivalism➝ http://hub.me/ak38k

…Make Changes! You’re Not A Robot, Or Stupid!

How To Manifest Winning The Lottery

Mind Science Part 1: We Are


Just To Help My Family

90 Year Old Trapper Still Plowing

Ray Mears’ Bushcraft S02E03 – American Prairies

Always Ask Questions?

Wake Up And Live

Story Of Unbelievable Answers

I Close My Eyes In Order To See Better

And What Of Limits?

5 Part Playlist Of Amazing People