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✅ FIRE | Someone Took A Nice Video

Celebrate Fakery –> NOT!

‘landed’ On Our Mother Moon 50 Years Ago, Eh? lol Celebrate Fakery –> NOT! lol by @Barnabas Nagy


Laughter is the Best Med

Welcome to the Thunder Dome:

…Make Changes! You’re Not A Robot, Or Stupid!

All You Need To Outsmart A Duck Is A Park Bench

…a loaf of bread and a hammer..LOL


avô e avó 2011 Wine Dreaming

Squeezing the Good Stuff Out

Squeezing the Good Stuff Out

Final Racking Completed Dec 24 '11

Final Racking Completed Dec 24 ’11

Stainless Steel Tank Maintenance

Stainless Steel Tank Maintenance

Check Weekly, Top Up Oak Barrel

Check Weekly, Top Up Oak Barrel

An ‘den, after 11 months, bottle it!

Once Upon Grapes

Once upon a time there were some grapes. They were great grapes, meticulously harvested, selected and packaged, for my basement! I’m going to share the process, this is after-all an experiment, and a tasty one at that.

First things first, getting the precious grapes to the basement, and once there into food grade polymer barrels (filled just over half way, grapes will rise during fermentation). Cheese cloth works great to cover the tops, and to keep the food flies from getting any ideas.

The following pictures show the grapes already in fermentation, with the skins rising to the top of the juice. For about five days, multiple times daily, you use a tool (as shown) to ‘push’ the cap down, and mix everything together. The grapes are Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Franc (20%), and they smell awesome.

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e.g. trail rated®

e.g. if you happen to drive into four feet deep water and mud, by accident, make sure you’re driving a Jeep.  She took about twenty minutes to muscle out of the muck, but success none the less!