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Celebrate Fakery –> NOT!

‘landed’ On Our Mother Moon 50 Years Ago, Eh? lol Celebrate Fakery –> NOT! lol by @Barnabas Nagy



Attitude of Gratitude: https://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..LANGUAGE WARNING, BUT what is proved here by Max Malone is fact and worthy of contemplation and experimentation. ‘Ask Google’ anything, BUT the CURVATURE measurements of our Earth (hEart). This is an experiment anyone of any age can challenge; we did, and it is true, Google cannot provide you information pertaining to the curvature between any two locations on Earth; even though we have technologies like ‘Google Earth’, and GPS and laser measurement. WHY YOU ASK? Here is a CLUE: WATER ALWAYS LEVELS FLAT. Strength. Godspeed.”