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✅ MONTE MADE a Very Very GOoD Map in 1587!


YOUR LIFE = ONE MASSIVE PSYop. Ready For Change? Laughter Helps – “…your arm is a rake!”:

GRAVITY! LOL | Globe Lie Tough NUTS To Crack

“..is there any possibility that maybe what you’re told about the shape of the earth could be wrong?” Please support: YouTube Channel: John Smith Globe Lie –> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC68Pd2nnxGX5r7-t2xiDwdQ

We Thank You For Supporting The Truth: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org

200! PROOFS EARTH NOT A SPINNING BALL IN 1.5HRS | by Eric Dubay in 1.25x Speed

Attitude of Gratitude: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..if you prefer to SLOW DOWN the VIDEO CLICK on the ‘GEAR ICON’ (Settings) in the BOTTOM LEFT of Video Window. Please listen to Eric Dubay provide no-less than 200 PROOFS the Earth (hEart) is INDEED STATIONARY & PLANULAR ~ in Other Words, THE EARTH IS FLAT! It is Overdue Time to Re-Educate Our Children, i.e. After We, Re-Educate Ourselves. Not unlike a computer, our operating system was ‘INPUT’ with a lot of Garbage Information; and as the saying goes GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT. Our processors have been input with garbage, have been processing garbage, and have output garbage for long enough – FREE YOUR MIND. Embrace the Red Pill. Strength. Godspeed.”

I ♥ U ALL | LET THE CHILD TELL YOU THE TRUTH ~ Flat Earth: A Very Funny Thing Happens

Attitude of Gratitude: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..she asks, WHY?; and explains, ‘they’ are hiding GOD from you. Strength. Godspeed.”


Attitude of Gratitude: https://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..LANGUAGE WARNING, BUT what is proved here by Max Malone is fact and worthy of contemplation and experimentation. ‘Ask Google’ anything, BUT the CURVATURE measurements of our Earth (hEart). This is an experiment anyone of any age can challenge; we did, and it is true, Google cannot provide you information pertaining to the curvature between any two locations on Earth; even though we have technologies like ‘Google Earth’, and GPS and laser measurement. WHY YOU ASK? Here is a CLUE: WATER ALWAYS LEVELS FLAT. Strength. Godspeed.”

“…it seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.” Auguste Piccard

“…it seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.”

Popular Science Monthly Magazine
August 1931, Page 23