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SORRY KIDS BILL NYE | 3limate 3hange HOAX

bill nye

Attitude of Gratitude: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..SORRY KIDS, but as much as they want you to believe that ‘climate change’ or something called ‘global warming’ is real; at this point, that is a public reason why they continue to SPRAY US, OUR TREES, OUR ANIMALS, WATER AND FOOD with Chemicals, WITH NO PROOF AND NO CONSENT FROM US.

Sorry Kids, they’re TRYING to BLOCK OUR LIFE GIVING SUN. They’re TRYING, BUT WE ARE STRONGER AS ONE. Keep Speaking Out and Acting Positively and the LIES WILL End Soon! THERE ARE Clear Blue Skies Ahead. Be Strong. GODspeed.”




Let’s Help One Another END THE LIES: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..listen carefully to this Soul who lives in Huntington Beach California explain the sad ‘REALITY’ that is the CHEMTRAIL PHENOMENON. Read the mainstream media article here: https://www.theguardian.com/environme…

Be strong minded and do not coward and deny the existence of chemtrails, in order to, as ‘Deep Thoughts Radio’ states, ‘..sleep well at night’. There is a catch – COWARDICE IS CONSENT. THIS IS REAL, YOU can see chemtrails in the sky with your very own eyes, right?

If you think you have not, or think that it’s not obvious enough, then just consider those few beautiful Summer days we had this 2017 when the skies were completely clear and sky blue, with natural puffy clouds here are there (AND NO SPRAYS ON THOSE DAYS – WHY)? Why would most days be cloudy, and milky white, with airplanes spraying lines and ‘X’s’ IN THE SKY; and others be blue with natural clouds like we all remember?

Again, WE EXPERIENCE days still (Thank God) where there are NO CLOUDS SHAPED LIKE STRAIGHT LINES, AND RIGHT ANGLES — and then there are most days where the sky is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING TO LOOK AT AND TOTALLY UNNATURAL.

WHY WOULD THAT BE? Did all the airplanes not fly on those clear days? No one went on vacation? No business people were travelling to meetings on airplanes the exact same day somehow?

Now Think Logically: WHEN THERE IS NO SPRAY IN THE SKY DO ALL AIRPLANES STOP FLYING THAT DAY? Are all airports shut down that fateful day with clear skies? That all airplanes are grounded on certain days?

We mean, how can there be days without chemtrail skies, and days that are totally chemtrail laden if CHEMTRAILS ARE NOT REAL? Logic dictates it is highly unlikely airplanes are not flying or that airports close down on certain days so We can enjoy a beautiful Summer day and a clear blue sky uninterrupted by chemical sprays – BECAUSE they’d lose too much money! The fact is CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL and they’re BLOCKING OUT OUR LIFE GIVING SUN FOR NO GOOD REASON! Godspeed.”

Published by YouTube Channel: Deep Thoughts Radio
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“[Deep Thoughts Radio]…Published on 21 May 2017
There is little left for debate now that several governments around the world have announced plans to spray the atmosphere with aluminum oxide. The reasons are unanimously a lie. Health officials outside of those lying about them are issuing warnings to everyones health. Breathing nano-sized aluminum causes dementia and Alzheimers.

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