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NO PHOTOGRAPHS OF EARTH | Must Watch Song from Flat Earth Man

Truth Music by “Conspiracy Music Guru” @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnle0nUC3Fx0lkchpmZy0Lw
We Thank You Too For Supporting the TRUTH: http://www.Azimuthalquidistant.org/

“[Conspiracy Music Guru]…a fantastic, funny and eye opening exposé music video about the fact that there ain’t no photographs of earth man!”


Frequency of the Heavens | REAL STARS IN 0.75x SPEED

Attitude of Gratitude: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..as requested, we S L O W E D  D O W N this amazing video created by YouTube Channel Ashlee Webster. Take it all in, pause the screens if you wish to; because these are the “REAL WANDERING STARS’ in Our Beautiful and Living Night Sky. Strength. Godspeed.”

MARS | The Wandering Star


VIDEO: MARS | The Wandering Star

whatsupinthesky.org | Frequency of the Heavens: Cymatics, Bio & Sonoluminescence, Actual Stars and Planets



What’s Up In The Sky?




avô e avó 2011 Wine Dreaming

Squeezing the Good Stuff Out

Squeezing the Good Stuff Out

Final Racking Completed Dec 24 '11

Final Racking Completed Dec 24 ’11

Stainless Steel Tank Maintenance

Stainless Steel Tank Maintenance

Check Weekly, Top Up Oak Barrel

Check Weekly, Top Up Oak Barrel

An ‘den, after 11 months, bottle it!

Daffodils ROCK!

BEWARE, this is what happens when you leave your daffodils unsupervised!  They ROCK.  And you do to, www.FIGHTBACK.ca

Click on image above, or click link below to view the video!