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GOD said “LET THERE BE A DOME.., AND IT WAS SO.” | Analysis of Vatican BOOK OF GENESIS

Attitude of Gratitude: http://www.AzimuthalEquidistant.org “..LINK TO VATICAN BOOK OF GENESIS: http://www.vatican.va/archive/bible/genesis/documents/bible_genesis_en.html …the YouTube Channel/Gentleman Antonio Subirats brought this to Our Attention and it’s a real head scratcher. WHY would the pope and the vatican be RE-WRITING THE BOOK OF GENESIS in this manner? We mean, it’s the TRUTH; give it a name, i.e. firmament, barrier, dome, they’re all right, and it’s all in plane sight! Share this video and the link above and let’s talk about it!

This is further proof We as a World Community are drawing closer to each other for the better of all. Feel comfort, as We do in knowing GOD/ONE is near, locally, right above us in the Sky, and watching and critiquing our every thought and move; and consciously living through and benefitting those of Us Who Are Awakening; i.e. becoming aware of the CONSEQUENCES OF NOT KNOWING OR IGNORING THE TRUTH. Strength. Godspeed.”

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Laughter is the Best Med

Welcome to the Thunder Dome:

We Do Live In A Constructed Reality [Matrix]

“…one thing though, the Moon is not between us and the Sun; although that’s a topic for another time.”

MARS | The Wandering Star


VIDEO: MARS | The Wandering Star

Extreme Almost-Naked Winter Survival Overnight With No Gear